Since this site's official launch on January 10, 2000, we have received an unexpectedly large amount of traffic and positive "reviews," from a wide range of people. Newspaper reporters, former and current area residents, professors, students, museum directors and many others have been visiting Brainerd online and writing about their experiences in various forums.

In the spirit of sharing as much as possible, I've created this page to aggregate all the articles, newsgroup postings and e-mail list discussions in which the site has been mentioned. If you find any more, please e-mail me directly and I'll add the information to this page.

Newspaper Articles

The Lawrence Journal-World surprised us all by running a detailed story on this Web site and its origins on the front page of its local news section on Saturday, January 15. Reporter Erwin Seba's story has since been picked up by Capper's Weekly (2/8/2000 issue) and seven other Kansas newspapers. The Newton Kansan and Peabody Gazette-Bulletin modified the story slightly and added some additional local references, but all of the other papers (Hays Daily News, Wichita Eagle, Hutchinson News, Topeka Capitol-Journal) simply reprinted the Journal-World story verbatim. I've provided links to all the papers that have left the story online for you to view below.

Reviews in Magazines and Academic Journals

The site was reviewed in the spring 2000 issue of APT Communique, a quarterly journal of the Association for Preservation Technology International. The popular regional publication, KANSAS! Magazine, provided an overview of the project in its summer 2000 edition, as well. Note that each of these examples is provided in Adobe's Acrobat PDF format. To download the Acrobat Reader software for free, click here. If you already have Acrobat Reader, the appropriate file will download to your computer's hard drive or browser, for you to view on your computer screen and/or print out to read later.

Brainerd Discussion Forum

The Brainerd Discussion Forum was launched to provide a forum for Brainerd site visitors to meet and exchange information and opinions via e-mail. To read some of the topics discussed in the forum over the past several years, click here. If you are interested in launching a discussion about Brainerd, the Prairie Plains or a related topic, you can subscribe to the Brainerd forum through a simple set of Web-based or e-mail procedures detailed on the forum site.

Other E-mail Discussion Group and Newsletter Postings

The Brainerd site has been featured in the weekly "best of the Web" newsletter, Netsurfer Digest, and in seven of the academic e-mail discussion groups run off of the Michigan State University's H-Net (Humanities and Social Sciences Online) site. To read a sample posting from the H-MMEDIA discussion group, click here. Or, browse any of the lists that featured the site by visiting their respective home pages from any of the links listed below. Signing up for a list that interests you is a great way to stay up-to-date on all the academic discussions surrounding a particular subject.