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1885 Brainerd Plat Map

Brainerd Elevator, 1994

The Brainerd Feed Store

The House That Moved

An Orthogonal Town

Brainerd Elevator, 1999

Grace Missionary Home

Whitewater's Main Street

A Poetic Ode to Brainerd

Old Railroad Depot

Looking North on Broadway

The Whitewater Elevator

1905 Brainerd Plat Map

Abandoned Railbed

The Brainerd Cemetery

The Cornelius Cabin

1905 Whitewater Plat Map

An Original Home

The Mellor Family

The Johnson House

The Penner Livery

An Original Foundation

1910/11 School Picture

Jake's Outbuilding

The Brainerd Store

Recent Map of Brainerd

Stella in the Brainerd Store

Site of the Mellor Home

Original Schoolhouse

A Vacant Lot in Brainerd

Stella's Cousins

Sidewalk Remnants

Second Schoolhouse

Side Streets of Brainerd

The John Harder Home

Map of Memories

Remington High School

Street Signs of Brainerd

The B.W. Harder Home